-David Adenekan


January 5th, 2021.

A Rejoinder To: "My Advice To Men Is Simple: If A Child Calls You Father, Have Faith And Answer Yes. Do Not Forget The Child Is Innocent Of The Mother's Sins", By David Adenekan.

The title of this article is a very profound statement and methinks this is the real definition of fatherhood. In other words, being the father of a child is more than just being the biological father.

Suffice to say that fathering a child without accepting certain responsibilities that comes with it, does not give you the moral right of calling that child your own child.

However, a woman may secretly manipulate the paternity of her child for a wicked and selfish purpose. Also, a woman can shut down a father from the life of her child for any wicked reason best known to her. That a woman has the overriding power of whom she wants to be the father of her child cannot be overemphasized.

What about a true life story of a very close family friend who never knew that his son was being fathered by another man for 21years? I am a living witness to this story. This my brother was dating the woman in question when they were both in their twenties and my brother made it clear to her that he has many hurdles to cross in life before thinking of getting married. The woman at that time was madly in love with my brother and desperate to start a family. The woman suddenly appeared "out of the blue" and gave my brother an invitation to her wedding party with another man. Unknowing to my brother, she was already pregnant. My brother attended the wedding and they parted ways. It was after 21 years that the woman curiously located my brother and revealed to him that the first child of her aborted marriage belongs to him. It was a shocking revelation that the family have to ask for a DNA test to prove the biological paternity of the child. The DNA test revealed that the child truly belong to my brother. This is after 21 years they have parted.

"Obìnrin ni ó ni ọmọ, òhun ló sì mo ẹni ti ó fẹ́ kí ò jẹ́ bàbá ọmọ Rẹ́". This is interpreted as it is a woman that has the mystical power of whom she want to be her child's father. This is why in the spirit world they will only ask for your mother's names. Hmmmmm, oro ijile (a very deep proverbial thought).

In other words, even when you are the biological father of a child, a woman can choose to deny you the fatherly roles of your own biological child by giving the role to another man. Hmmmmm, the paradox of life!

"Ki Ọlọ́run Elédùmarè gbà wá ní ọwọ́ Obìnrin àjòjì àti Obìnrin búburú ilé ayé yìí". This is interpreted as may the Good Lord deliver us from a strange and wicked woman in this world.

Yes, "Obìnrin a gba ẹ̀hìn tọ̀" (a deceitful and wicked woman).

Lastly, there is a Yoruba adage that says " a ọ mọ ọmọ tí ó máa ṣe". This is interpreted as you never knew the child that will love and support you in your old age when you are almost helpless. This is regardless of whether you are the biological father or not.

Yes, this is another food for thought for every good man and good woman in today's wicked world!

My take and over to public opinion!
One love!

David Adenekan writes from Chicago, Illinois.

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