Hair tips: what are the differences among different hair types

Hair tips: what are the differences among different hair types

The most widely used human hair in the market are Chinese hair, India hair, Brazil hair, European hair.

Chinese hair
Chinese hair is the hair with the largest amount of raw materials for making wigs. There are many people in China, and the hair is relatively hard. After acid treatment, it can be bleached and dyed. It is relatively popular in the United States and Europe.

Indian hair

Indian hair is softer, not as straight as Chinese hair, and has small wave curls. Hair is slightly cracked after chemical treatment, and its plasticity is not strong.

European hair

The color contrast of European hair is close to the local consumer market. At present, it is the most expensive material. European hair is relatively soft and is not suitable for bleaching and post-treatment. There are many contrasts directly used for hair extension.

Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is a kind of compensation for human hair material, synthetic hair is divided into low-temperature fiber, high-temperature fiber, and protein fiber

Low-temperature fiber:

Low-temperature fiber is used as a filler for human hair weaves. Low-temperature wire can be heated at 270 degrees without deformation. This kind of fiber is used for shaping and reduces the cost of raw materials for human hair weaves. The disadvantage of low-temperature fiber is that it is flammable, which forms agglomerates after incineration.

High-temperature fiber:

High-temperature fiber can be maintained without deformation below 270 degrees, so as to be used to make the appearance of the style.

Protein fiber:

It is the material closest to human hair, and the feel is closest to human hair. It is often used as a filler in high-end wig products, and it can actively flame retardant after incineration.

In the product restriction of many countries, it is clearly required that wig silk can Flame retardant, tragic wigs have occurred in many countries.

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