The Humiliating Defeats of President Donald Trump: A Wind Of Change Against Religious Rhetorics, By David Adenekan.

The Humiliating Defeats of President Donald Trump: A Wind Of Change Against Religious Rhetorics, By David Adenekan.

To start with, it is high time many in the world stop playing god with religious rhetorics. PLEASE "STOP THE SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECIES OF FAILURE" and when God has not spoken hold your tongue.

At this juncture, It is important to emphasize, that, there is a clear distinction between godly prophecy and religious rhetorics. To say that, there are not too many fake Pastors, Imams and Babalawo in the world today, is to say the least. We all need the spirit of discernment to differentiate between godly prophecy and religious rhetoric.

Is all the seemingly religious rhetorics called prophecies prior to United States presidential election not a joke taken to far? It is really a negative rhetoric and arrant nonsense.

Methinks, the people in the world need to stop paying attention to all of these fake prophets. Many of them predicted that God is with Donald Trump and he will be re-elected. The question, is that, If God is truly wIth Donald Trump, he would have won re-election. The fact that Donald Trump was humiliated (impeached) and voted out of power makes all of their predictions a nullity. In other words, "Vox populi vox dei". This is interpreted as the voice of God, is the voice of the people.

Moreover, how will God support a man that wickedly and permanently separated five hundred and seventy five (575) children of immigrants from their parents and put the children inside prison? Some of them died in prison of hunger, malnutrition and different kinds of disease. Donald Trump did it with impunity! Did this abominable behaviour defines righteousness in christianity or Islam?

Also, how will God support someone who is full of pride? Yes, "pride comes before a fall". Is it not obvious that Donald Trump's behavior is the metaphor of Lucifer in the Holy Bible, Isaiah chapter 14.

Frankly speaking, President Donald Trump behaviors in office is the 'I' and 'me' spirit of Lucifer that repudiate the spirit of love and humility.

Moreover, this election has exposed many fake prophets. They speak when God has not spoken. Alas, many of these fake prophets missed the mark when the holy God of Israel did not even speak a word. May the God of heaven have mercy.

Furthermore, is it not high time many people around the world and including Nigeria got it right that God will not come down from heaven to chase out bad government? When are they going to realize that the God of Israel is not a magician that will make things happen without your effort, and that the change for a better government can mostly be done by engaging in political actions (mass protest) and election. This is coupled with using your voters registration card to cast your vote and make sure you protect your vote.

Suffice to say that faith without work is dead. They must wake up from their slumbers and start organizing and mobilizing in order to use their strong voices and votes to fire every bad leader from government.

In the final analysis, in a democracy, no country is immune to the kind of "POWER MUST CHANGE HANDS" the whole world saw in United States in the just concluded presidential election because the winds of change is contagious.

Yes, enough of all of these seemingly religious rhetorics called prophecies because another kind of #ENDSARS PROTEST is looming in Nigeria!!!


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Written by:
David Adenekan writes from Chicago, Illinois.