Many Lies Of Tinubu, Sanwoolu To Change Lekki Tollgate Massacre

Many Lies Of Tinubu, Sanwoolu To Change Lekki Tollgate Massacre

The Lekki Toll Gate Massacre And The Many Lies of Tinubu And Sanwoolu To Change The Narrative, By David Adenekan.

To start with, the desperate attempts by Sanwoolu and Tinubu to change the narrative of what actually transpired at Lekki Toll Gate on October 20, 2020 is not going to fly. Also, the blame game will not change the narrative. It was simply a case of genocide exposed by information technology (digital age).

Moreover, Tinubu and Sanwoolu are claiming that nobody was murdered at Lekki Toll Gate on October 20, 2020 and they are doing everything possible to cover up the murder of innocent youths at Lekki toll gate. Who removed the CCTV cameras and turned off the street lights few hours before the gory murders remain a misery?

In another twist by Babatude Raji Fasola who visited the scene of the deadly event (crime area) and tried to cover up the massacre of the peaceful protesters at the Lekki toll gate by telling the world that the CCTV was never removed. "A Twitter user pointed out that the direction of the camera was facing a different way from the actual place the incident happened, and also that the lens was closed. That means the camera was not used at the time it was dropped, thereby implying that the camera is all but a cover up to clear those responsible for the Lekki tollgate killing from the crime".

What was Babatunde Fasola doing in a crime scene? Is it not illegal to enter a crime scene? Did Babatunde Raji Fasola, who is not a police officer not compromise the evidence and forensic analysis of a crime scene? What is the duty of the police in a crime scene? Are they not supposed to immediately secure the crime scene in order to collate and collect all the exhibits; and do a forensic analysis? Was the protest at the Lekki toll gate not against this kind of ineptitude, lack of good training and inefficiency of the Nigeria police?

In addition, I honestly think the make believe story about one of the victims of Lekki toll gate massacre that allegedly stole a cellphone in a hospital while receiving treatment that is currently trending in the news and social media is another horrifying attempt to clandestinely change the narrative from massacre of peacefull protesters at the Lekki toll gate to peaceful protesters were miscreant, hoodlums, hooligans, scavengers, looters, and thieves.

In light of this, Tinubu in an attempt to change the trajectory, queried the presence of protesters at the Lekki toll gate. He posited that we should ask the victims of the deadly event at the Lekki toll gate "what, where and how questions".

It is pertinent to say that neither Tinubu nor Sanwoolu has taken responsibility for the MASSACRE of Nigeria Youths who were peacefully protesting at the LEKKI TOLL GATE on October 20, 2020 (The Black Tuesday).

Methinks the story of a victim of Lekki toll gate massacre that allegedly stole a cellphone while receiving treatment in a hospital is another shenanigans and make believe story to paint the Nigeria youths that protested at the Lekki toll gate as criminals. In other words, they are trying to change the narrative from peacefull protest to violent protest.

In my view, is this not another wicked and barbaric way to justify the MASSACRE of Nigeria youths AT LEKKI TOLL GATE?

At this juncture, it is very important to critically analyze the video clip of the above story.

It is important to consider the following questions and par adventure we may get some clues.

One, what is the name of the hospital that claimed one of the victims of LEKKI TOLL GATE MASSACRE stole one of the nurses' cell phone?

Two, what is the name of the nurse that her phone was stolen?.

Three, why is it that, we did not see the faces of those that videotaped the boy that allegedly stole the cellphone? The only face that appeared in the video clip was the boy that was accused of stealing a cellphone.

Four, can someone tell us where the boy was hiding the stolen phone in any part of his naked body? This is because the boy only wore a fitted short pant and one did not see any sign of big inner pocket on his pant that can contain a cellphone.

Five, where is the CCTV footage that captured the activity that incriminated the boy? We need to see the video.

Six, who caught him with the stolen cellphone and who is the owner of the hospital?

Seven, what is the exact address of the boy that was accused of stealing a cellphone? That he lives somewhere in Ikoyi around Boney Camp does not give us enough important information to speak with his family and neighbors in order to vet his characters.

However, if the above questions cannot be answered, may I submit that this is a sinister attempt by Tunubu and his acolytes to label the protesters as criminals and change the narrative.

Suffice to say that Tinubu and his cabal will not stop at anything to change the narrative because they are desperately fighting for their political life.

Hmmmm, can Tinubu and Sanwoolu ever redeem their battered image?

These people are evil genius.

Prejudice apart, I doubt if there is a hiding place for Tinubu and Sanwoolu. This is the age of information technology (digital age) and we are gathering and collating the evidence of all the footages of all that transpired at LEKKI TOLL GATE on October 20, 2020 (The Black Tuesday). Tinubu and Sanwoolu are likely going to face the international court of Justice at Hague in Netherlands for genocide. This will also includes Mohammed Buhari and Burutai. The evidence we have at hand are overwhelming and no amount of cover up, threat and propaganda can change the narrative.

In the final analysis, the fact remains that at LEKKI TOLL GATE on October 20, 2020 some Nigeria youths that were peacefully protesting to end police brutality and extra judicial killings were murdered in cold blood. This is the narrative; Tinubu and Sanwoolu have questions to answer at the international court of Justice, Hague, Netherlands.

Only time will tell.

May the blood of our fallen heroes at the LEKKI TOLL GATE water the tree of freedom.

Solidarity forever!!!

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Written by:
David Adenekan writes from Chicago, Illinois.