Nigeria has had it's day. It is a false contraption, a contrived country, of many Nations. It is a failed state, a mass, complex delusion, a magician's expert trick, foisted by the colonialist upon Nigeria's many Long Suffering Peoples. This possible, because some of the Nations in it are incompatible bedfellows, and absolutely unlikely co-travellers.

Nigeria was raised on plans of plunder and of conquest - which have not been disavowed - by a few Nigerian Nations against the numerous other Nations within it; on broken tongues, therefore there is confusion and an extreme lack of in-sight within it. The people do not understand what their journey really is about, or what is their destination, the destination being obscure, and carefully concealed from their sight.

Nor do the people understand the controlling indices, the structure, content and boundary values that drive the rickety contraption known as Nigeria's being and motion. Many of those in it are unable to think, or to see the reality before them. We blindly espouse Nigeria without understanding that we have been forced into a union that is not by any means in our own interest, or for our purpose, from the short to the long terms. The true purpose, as in other African countries, is to make certain that the African continent will never harbour native world powers, and that Africa will always be the source of raw materials, aptly termed commodities, and a site of plunder for the other races.

The people don't even know themselves, who they really are, what is their true Identity, having been fed a terminally toxic brew of hatred of their National Identity and of self.

The British, contemptuously and derisively labelled the Identity of the Nations in Nigeria as 'tribalism'. But they knew that this was a power, of Self Identity, that was their greatest threat. They, the British, were it's greatest enemy.

Nigeria will not come back from here. The nations will not accept to go on a futile, vain journey into perdition with it. It is entirely their right to assert so, and completely within their rights to demand their Self Determination, and Sovereignty. The Indigenous Nations are not breaching any law by so doing. No one may railroad them into doing otherwise. For that matter, no one will.

What is now evident but not yet comprehensively understood by all within the Yoruba Nation, is that the Yoruba Nation Worldwide is at least as populous as, or even greater than the Nigerian entity itself!

The British sleight of hand that produced Nigeria has now been exposed for what it is: mere magician's self serving contrivance, the stuff of wholesale horror, and the harbinger of morbidity and death on a sordid, country-wide scale.

When empires, or it's sub-empires such as Nigeria fail in peacetime, shorn of the malignant influence of empire that held them together, because the supervening empire is itself failing and unable to exert itself any longer, with the sub empire beset by marauders, barbarians of varying hues, they never return.. There are many examples of this in history. There is no likelihood of the type of event you choose to espouse. The slogans and catchwords which many, including you, proclaim, hide the strong, underlying problem: that of Identity - the clash of identities between mortally opposed, terminal enemies - and of the repression or outright denial of Identity, of Nation-ality. This is the correct identification of the problem, and the confusion and the dilemma besetting the peoples, of the constituent Nations making up the falsely composed entity known as Nigeria; the accurate diagnoses, the antidote to which presents the Solution to the Dilemma of the Nations within 'Nigeria'.

What we looking at, and many still not seeing, including of many of the remaining elders of Nigeria's Sovereign Nations, which have the right of Self Determination, is the final dissolution of the rump of the 'Great British Empire', and it's subsequently derived but falsely tagged 'Commonwealth' of Nations, resulting in ferment and dissolution within it's contrived and falsely derived countries.

The end of the subordinate entity to the defunct British Empire known as Nigeria is clearly in view.

Nigeria has had it's day.

A good day to you.

YHWH'S Abundant, Immutable, Eternal, Blessings.

Public News 
Written by:
Ademola Akintoye.