Following the awakening, success and momentum of the Nigerian youths nation wide protest against police brutality, i want to remind ,encourage and suggest to them that the future of Nigeria lies in their hands and that they have thd power and resources to shape it simply by getting involved in politics. Naturally young people are drawn more to the arts, entertainment, sport and culture more than politics but the truth is that the actions or inaction of politicians will determine the future of the youths. So what it means is that if you want good governance, an end to police brutality, better welfare for the police, civil servants and everyone, good people with good intentions, the vibrant youths with energy and good ideas needs to get involved in politics to effect the change they so desire. Luckily enough, demographically the youths of voting age and near voting age are in the largest percentage in Nigeria. So it's easier for them to get a large number of them in position of leadership in government. This can be achieved through the following steps:

1. The youths should use this present momentum and nation wide protest to start educating the large crowd at the various protest grounds about the power of their voters card, about the power of their votes ,about the need to put themselves forward for political offices as lawmakers in the state House of Assemblies, local governments, Senate ,House of Representative and the state House as Governor. A good example is Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo State.

2. The youth should go all out to register and collect their voters cards

3. The youths should have a go fund account or any other accounts similar to the various funds organised to finance and support the ongoing protest. These funds can be domiciled abroad to avoid clamping down on it by the government. The funds will be used to support youth candidates who has no means or few means to pay for Application forms and other expenses.

4. The youth should find a political party of their choice. If they want, they can form a party like the trending Youths Development Party;YDP. However, it doesn't matter what party they are since the purpose is to find themselves in government to effect a common objective.

5. Get active and keep up the momentum, orientation and education of the public towards voting for the youths, one of their own in any party they see them. Use the social media, use the College and university networks, use the social clubs and sport clubs networks to campaign, mobilise and educate the youths to get more Representatives and encourage the youths to get more organised.

6. Go out enmasse on campaign and election days to vote for the youths candidates

7. Stay with their votes on election days follow up on election results to prevent manipulations.

These are simplistic strategies though but with a more detail and well thought out strategies to fine tune these suggestions, the youths of this country can actually get a large number of their own in government to effect the change they desire.

Power to the people! God bless the Youths ! !

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