Sanusi’s prophecy coming to pass

Sanusi’s prophecy coming to pass

Never again would a section of the country sits and thinks they can take the other sections for a ride. The north and those in power must know that before now, when you control media and military, you control political powers.

But as it is now, the media is no longer in the control of the north. They use to have have firm control when NTA and FRCN were the tools of control they had, but things have changed, their media control tool is now obsolete. When British were going, they couldn’t hand over the oil to the guys in the south for two reason; the heat to end colonialism in Nigeria was stronger from there and two they felt Russian and her allies sponsored the guys in the south massively.

Oil production started 15th January, 1956, four years before Independence, the British aligned Nigeria with the north to have access to the oil in the south. The north has enjoyed the backing of the west for decades, but as it is now oil is everywhere looking for market.

As the hunt for oil diminishes that is how British interests in the north is likely to diminish, they can swap alliances with the south which appears to have more productive population, a great danger to the survival of the north which despite decades of political dominance, she is high in every index that reflects anything poverty stands for.

This is what former emir Sanusi saw and cried out and was removed.

The north especially those in power must learn from #ENDSARS protests and readjust their ways.

Gone are the days you can do anything, butcher federal character and nothing happens. If things continue the way they use to be, then expect more regional protests. Every federating unit must have a sense of belonging. Nigeria has changed. You can’t rule Nigeria of 2020 with mindset of 1960s.

May God help Nigeria!

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