Youths In Abuja Chased Omoyele Sowore Out Of Protest

Youths In Abuja Chased Omoyele Sowore Out Of Protest

Omoyele Sowore, Nigerian human right activist, founder of online news media, Sahara Reporters and former presidential aspirant was chased away today in Abuja by a group of angry protesters.

In the video posted on Twitter, the raging protesters chased him away when he attempted to interview some of them.

However, Sowore has been supporting the EndSARS protest since the Anti-campaign against the Special Anti-Robbery Squad began, but most of the Nigerian youths accused him of trying to hijack the protest and turn it in to political agenda.

The protesters asked him to support the movement on twitter and not on protest grounds.

The youth believe that Sowore is an activist against democracy and doesn’t believe in what they doing.

It is also believed that it was Mr Sowore who broke the news about people making billions from negotiation with the government on EndSars issues.

Protest have sparked across the country of the past week, the protesters are collectively calling for a total reform of the Police force and total end of the SARS unit.

They are also calling for accountability of the government to prosecute all SARS officials and police men who have in one or or the other, tortured, assaulted, raped, killed and collected money from citizens.

Even with the dissolution of the SARS unit by The Inspecter General Of Police (Mohammed Adamu), and further renaming of the unit to SWAT (special weapons and tactics team), with promises to fully reform the entire Police Force, protesters all around the country are still not backing down.

In their admirable and strong defence, they explicitly claimed that the promises are fake as they have seen it before and yet still no apparent change.

They also attested to the fact that even after the ban the unit and alleged reform of the entire Police Force, SARS and Police officers are still out there on the street harassing, torturing citizens.

Protest in the country has further sparked worldwide controversy, as policemen have been killing, torturing, detaining and framing innocent protesters of murder and all other outrageous charges.

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