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In the following presentation, I want to share with you about Skyway String Transport Technology.

SkyWay is an above-ground transport that runs on high strength strings. The project has a number of advantages that distinguish SkyWay from other modes of transport:

* The SkyWay track structure is on supports that take up little space on the ground and do not affect the ecosystem. The water bodies remain intact and the forests - untouched.

* SkyWay transport is controlled by the autopilot. This reduces the number of potential accidents.

* For the construction of the SkyWay track structure, there is needed less resources, than for any other transport.

* The aerodynamics of the SkyWay transport allows to develop speed up to 500 km/h.
Today, the SkyWay project is receiving development funds through people' s funding.

How is the project funded?

The project uses crowdfunding as a financing method. It allows more people to get shares in the fast-growing company before its entering the market. You can invest in the project with a minimum amount of $50 or from $250 in installments for 10 months.

What perspectives does an investor have?

The investors' perspectives depend on the successful implementation of the project and the company's entering the world market.

Entering IPO
. If the project decides to go public, the stakes can be converted into shares.

. In case of successful commercial implementation of the project in different countries, the investors can receive dividends in proportion to the shares acquired. Dividend distribution can take place regardless of the listing on the stock exchange.

. Prior to entering the world market, the company management may repurchase shares at a higher discount.

* There have been built five string-rail transport flyovers of different types with total length of about 4 km.

* There have been created 10,000 sq.m. of production space.

* There have been designed and manufactured 16 fundamentally different models of electric rail vehicles.

* The innovative transport cluster is being built in Sharjah (UAE).

*There has been created an electric car - Unimobile - for disabled wheelchair users.

*On 30 April, 2019 the Dubai ruler approved a package of projects proposed by the Ministry of Transport (RTA). The projects included the SkyWay 15-km long urban transport system with 21 stations on the route.

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