Our contribution to the struggle

Our contribution to the struggle

We invite the general public to use Clevenard Blog to spread out information and to create more awareness about the agitations and the ongoing #EndSARS Protesters.

We know how important it is for our people not only to adapt to a rapidly advancing world but also to leverage the changes to their benefit. Blogging is the most effective way to turn information into movement. Good for educating, and inspiring - otherwise our struggle as a people will not reach its full potential.

By blogging on Clevenard, You benefit from our reach and network. There's a constant stream of people visiting the social platform "and" we have figured out how to distribute our content. This means you can basically skip the line and get access to a big audience from day one. Your content will not get lost so easily compared to just posting it.

The benefit of using Clevenard blog :

  • Reliable wide audience reach.
  • Easy to monitor the effectiveness.
  • Value delivery and easy to access.
  • Raise awareness about issues the public needs to know.
  • Share your post to any social network from inside Clevenard to engage more audience and get them informed.

To publish a story on Clevenard: Kindly Sign up free @ www.clvenard.com, Click on blogs find New post, To start posting, Our Blog is 100% FREE. Let make it happen together.

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