The Real Truth About President Donald Trump By David Adenekan.

The Real Truth About President Donald Trump By David Adenekan.

Who says and what do you know about American politics viz a viz President Donald Trump, apart from what you read on the pages of News papers and social media? Suffice to say that some of these narratives are nothing but face value analysis in view of the fundamental issues on the ground.

The bottomline, is that, President Donald Trump represents a powerful interest group called "white supremacists". It is this group that forms and shapes his policies against the interest of the majority. It should be noted that since the realization of the statistical fact that the demography is changing against the white majority in United States, some of the white ruling elites are not happy with it. They are clandestinely looking for ways to slow down the population of people of colors. This is the powerful group that is forming and shaping Trumps policies. Yes, President Donald Trump is the stooge and puppet of this powerful interest group. Truth be told.

Also, many Nigerians are naive about the issue of homosexuality in United States. Homosexuality cut across party lines. It should be noted that one of the leaders of lesbianism in United States is Dick Cheney' daughter (former Vice President under President Goerge Bush Jr). She is also a leader in the Republican party. It is very ridiculous and untrue to only label the Democrats as the party of sexual immorality. In fact, one cannot fathom the high level of hypocrisy and double standards that are permeating the rank and file of Today's Republican party. The so called GOP (The Grand Order Party).

Moreover, what moral justification does President Donald Trump has to condemn sexual immorality when taken into cognizance his filty and stinking sexual immorality? Do you know how many women have accused him of sexual assaults and rapes? Some of them have been paid off and some of these sexual assaults and rapes are pending in the court of law, waiting for his immunity to be over as President. Did he not desecrate the sacred body of a woman by saying loud and clear "I will grab the 'P......SY' and do anything with a woman's body". Did he not call it a "locker room talk?

Prejudice apart, many people in Nigeria are oblivious of the issues in American politics because you do not live in United States to experience the bitter truth of systemic racism against your color and race. Please stop confusing some of the realities on the ground with sexuality and religion. Yes, sexuality and religion in this present scenario are mundane issues. The reality on the ground, is that, the 2020 presidential election is about the survival of immigrants and their offsprings in United States.

It is on record that about 198 judges were nominated into the appellate courts in less than 4 years of President Donald Trump tenure of office and they are all whites. This is not only unprecedented but very dangerous for a judicial system that is meant to protect all race.

In addition, Trump has already started the process of de naturalization and he will definitely take it to the sky if he wins reelection. God forbid!

May I humbly submit at this junction that except many of our brothers and sisters in Nigeria rooting for Trump are doing it out of jealousy or envy for many Nigerians naturalized United state citizens, they will want Trump to win this election. Again, God forbid!

Yes, many naturalized citizens are in big problem if Trump wins this election. In fact, they are going to revoke the provision in the constitution that gives right to citizenship by birth.

I concur with Mitchell Obama (former first lady), that says, the 2020 presidential election is your life. This is the fundamental issue on the ground and if our brethren in Nigeria love us, please stop all of these nonsense campaigns for Trump because President Donald Trump is not for anybody but for himself and his immediate family.

Yes and without mincing words, President Donald Trump will ditch you without thinking twice: a case study of Michael Cohen, his former personal assistant and legal aide. In the wake of Michael Cohen prosecution by the law of the land, Trump said that Michael Cohen "should know better". This is interpreted as Michael Cohen ought to understand the kind of shady deal he was into when he was working for him and he is on his own.

Lastly, our brethren in Nigeria should please stop all of these nonsense campaigns for President Donald Trump reelection.


Written by:
David Adenekan from Chicago, Illinois.