Corustar Technological Services

Corustar Technological Services (BN 2554873) is an indigenous technical services and project support enterprise, with vast experience in Electrical work and other technical related Services, a subsidiary of CEN Corustar Limited (RC 1568505), which specialize in Engineering and procurement.

Our Vision: To be the leading excellent driven Electrical project support company

our mission: To be the leading excellent driven Electrical project support company

Check out our core area in Electrical Services

Design & Construction
We take critical step in identifying your need, researching the problem and develop the most possible solution; Control Panel, Low Voltage distribution Board, Lighting to Cable Contentment.

We use the safest, most appropriate installation method for your electrical work whilst ensuring customer satisfaction and job meet with the required regulatory standard.


Our R3 model focus on electrical equipment that are older or damaged that need to be remodel repair or renovate to bring it to a workable and better condition with regards to safety.

Electrical Inspection
We carry out Inspection and testing before and after commission such as PAT, Earth resistance, IR test, etc. to validate the safety condition of equipment and appliance.

Our team of Electrician and Engineers are skilled in providing you with quality electrical services you desire. We have position ourselves to offer solution to Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sectors on the forefront of innovation and technology, giving you quality services at low cost.

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