Deputy Prime Minister Themba Masuku has condemned fraudsters

Deputy Prime Minister Themba Masuku has condemned fraudsters

Who are allegedly benefitting from the Government #COVID19 food relief scheme illegally and called upon Emaswati to report such. “We strongly condemn this act.

While the pandemic has affected many people, there are those who have been affected severely than others due to poverty, job losses and loss of income. This exercise puts them as a priority as the economic impact is more adverse on them.

My office therefore requests those with information about the fraudulent registration of beneficiaries to contact the Deputy Prime Minister's Office as soon as possible on 240442723/4. I would like to further urge Emaswati to exercise compassion & care towards each other.

This can be done through looking after one another in the spirit of good neighborliness, sharing with those who do not have in these trying times & being vigilant to report corrupt practices in order to save resources and help the needy.

His Majesty’s Government is reaching out to the needy and this calls for all Emaswati to work together and to desist from engaging in threatening and criminal behaviour as this throws the whole exercise into disarray.”