On the 17th of June 2020, the sad news of the sudden death of an illustrious son, a philanthropist, a dedicated and devoted father . Who, before his demise was a powerful icon that many looked up to for help and support which is unfailing. He is the shoulder that you can lean on.

Dr Taiye Olusola Abe was a beacon of light that cannot be easily forgotten in the history of Clevenard Ltd worldwide and in S/Africa in paticularly. He played major role in the development and expansion of Clevenard media in S/Africa. He is an educationist who has stopped at nothing in letting others see the light of education . His advancement in different spheres of life like commerce, industrialism, politics, and good governance cannot be overlooked.

His embrace to politics brought a new wave of life in his career, he not only joined politics but became a staunch member of All Progressive Congress (A.P.C), the ruling party to the nation of Nigeria. Since then he has been a loyal supporter of their great party.

Advocating for good governance has been his watchword both in Nigeria and in the diaspora. His friends and colleagues worldwide will miss such a wonderful friend and fatherlike advice that issues from him always. The discripancy created in APC will definitely take ages to heal and be amended.

This is a rare gem, a genius, a patriotic citizen of Nigeria that will always be remembered for his unalloyed and undiluted loyalty and support to what is good.

His contributions to humanity was second to none, love of justice was his second name. The nation, all his fellow party loyalist both home and in the diaspora and more so Clevenard limited worldwide will miss him greatly.

He left behind such a beautiful family of academicians, lovely wife and energetic children who will miss their father so dearly. The situation is beyond everyone's control because our wisdom, knowledge, power, influence, affluence cannot bring him back to life.

It is the almighty Allah that knows why he should die at this critical time that everyone needs him most. We pray that God will give the family and the nation the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Everyone should remember that one day our story will be told. But how? We don't know!! Today is for late Dr Abe tomorrow might be yours. Let us care for the living now.

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