Russia urges India to join multilateral mecchanism

Russia urges India to join multilateral mecchanism

Dys after the Indianannounced A-SAT missile launch,Russia has urged india to join the idea of developing a multilateral legallybinding instrument for keeping outer space peaceful based on Russian Chinese draft treaty ,with support of a solid group like minded nation s to prevent weaponization of outer space.

In a statement,by Russia,''We noted the test of anti-satellite weapons conducted by indiin March 27,as a result of which an indian spacecraft-a target -in a low earth orbit was hit by an interceptor ballistic missile.

''We highlight the nondirectedness of this test against any specific country declared by the indian leadership as well as the reassurance of the continuity of New Delhi Foreigh policy to prevent the deployment of weapons in outer space and thereby the development of an arms race in it''.

Russia slammed the United tates for weaponnization of outer space and believes indian's test is a result of a degraded situation in the field of arms race.

In another statement by Russia''We have to state that this action of india largely the result of the substantially degraded situation in the field of arms control''.

Russia has repeatedly warned that the destructive actions of the United State to undermine the entire architectire of international security and strategic stability,including unilateral and unlimited development of the US global anto-missiledefencse systems as well as the relucance to abandon plans for the weaponization of outer space make othr states think about improving their own equal potentials in the interests of strengthening their national security.

Russia urges Washington to take a responsible stand,come to senses and drop the insane and most importantly -absolutely unrealizable-the idea of universal millitary domination''

it is still possible to stop the arms race unfolding in various regions of the world,it is important to assist the responsible states in maintaining an adequate level of international security and stability.

They further said that the part intends to continue to make all necessary efforts to prevent an arms race in outer space.