One Page letter to The Ministry of Information

One Page letter to The Ministry of Information

The propaganda secretary of Adolf Hitler named Gobells once said "If a lie is repeated much more without a counter, it becomes true".

The government of President Muhammadu Buhari was shrouded with so much internal set back from day one.
The government has achieved some milestones with the implementation of the TSA which saw the closure of over 200 fake accounts that bears the same name with those institutional accounts of the federation from NNPC,Millitary,States and the Ministries.

The effect of TSA is showing clearly as there is much more savings in the federation's account than before. The jaw dropping looting has sized to an appreciable level, though there is some sort of it going on behind doors.

The ministry of information is not communicating with to the Nigerian people, and I think we the Nigerian youth should call to their attention to start with immediate effect or we will come out on the streets for a peaceful protest/ demonstration to the ministry of information to come out and be briefing the country on weekly basis to enumerate the massive success of the government of the day.

We request they should also give us the financial account of the recovered looting of the previous administration which sent the country into economic recession.

It was this kind of silence that led to the infamous "relooting of Abacha's recovered money" which came to light after a decade and uptil date, "no further and better particulars" about how that " Reloaded looting movie" was acted.

The silence is a betrayal to the trust of office and this thing must not continue. If Baba Lai Mohammed is tired, he should kindly either give way to a young, vibrant and articulated person to take over or set up a team of young people to work through the night to beef up the ministry and keep up with the pace and he can do the broadcast at the end of the day.

The ministry has shown a more reactive than a proactive approach of handling information. The Obasanjo's letter further exposed the Modus operandi of the ministry to be reactive than proactive.

Pls for God's sake!! No government can operate and succeed in an information age by sleeping on the Job.

"No legacy is rich as honesty"

God bless our Father land.

Written by:Ibrahim Bature Sallama