The Wailers started preparing for violent opposition immediately after they lost the 2015 general elections

- The Niger-Delta avengers: Immediately President Mohammadu Buhari took over power in 2015 the agents of sabotage instigated and sponsored the game of intimidating the president and his government by exploding oil and gas pipelines to create economic instability and to distract the focus of the new administration.

President Buhari was able to stopped them from further attacks and damage and secured the supply of oil and gas that was characterised by so much uncertainties and anxiety.

The avengers to this day, have either changed to kidnapping or have gone into different professions.
- After the failure of the first plan, then the agenda of restructuring took over.

The agenda was to enable them take part in the government through adjusting the governing system to get some autonomy to continue what they enjoyed throughout the administration of Goodluck Jonathan to safeguard and protect their loots.

As that plan was not clearly attainable, the "dead on arrival" agenda of secession of Biafra was put forward. Biafra agenda failed as they could not matched the strength of the Nigerian Armed Forces under the leadership of Gen Burutai. Militancy and war mongering could not Break the president or pave a way for any amnesty program that will bring some sort of take a "share", then they moved into the media to execute the next plan with pen since the guns could not matched the retired General's Might.

- The claim of Islamization of the country: The claim of Islamization of Nigeria has never received any oral declaration on any serious occasions by the wailers but through the print media especially facebook where they dumped a lot of garbage at will without the fear of answering any questions by the Security service in pronouncing Hate speech. As the agitations got wrestled down and quenched, it was so obvious that the plan is just to cause fear and panic and to seek audience with the majority Christian faith against a Muslim President.

- The claim of Fulani herdsmen as a terrorist group: Considering the fact that the president is a fulani man and he rear cows in his Daura hometown, they created a monster in the name of "fulani herdsmen" We all know the fulani man to be a naive and isolated man who don't know or even care to enjoy the privileges that an average Nigerian enjoy with his nomadic lifestyle.

Though one cannot absolutely say that the Fulanis are free of criminal elements within them but the idea that the Fulanis have metamorphosed into a group of criminals that are organized and are carrying attacks like BH is the fallacy the century.

This whole idea was to purely paint a picture to connote a fulani President protecting his 'Fulani herdsmen'. The wailers as they are popularly called will stop at nothing to protect their stolen wealth and make this current administration ungovernable. As time goes by they will keep bringing up several ways to survive the anti corruption campaign.

The weels of justice grinds slowly but will eventually get to its destination.

Nigeria will remain one against all odds and president Buhari will change the fortunes of this country because he also believes in Nigeria 1st.

Written by: Ibrahim Bature Sallama