Italian Embassy opens photo exhibition today

Italian Embassy  opens photo exhibition today

The Italian Embassy opens its 2019 cultural programme with a photography exhibition which launches tonight at Katara Cultural Village.

Presented in partnership with Katara, the exhibition titled “A Focus on Italian Heritage” is curated by the Italian contemporary art gallery Spazio Nuovo – Roma.

“We are very proud to open the Italian Embassy’s cultural program in 2019 with this very special exhibition, a unique collection of 16 art pictures, created and made by a group of three artists, Riccardo Ajossa (Italy), Camilla Borghese (Italy) and Olivier Roller (France), using photography to reinterpret the immense Italian artistic heritage,” said Italian Ambassador Pasquale Salzano.

Every art piece is a visual and emotional journey through the renowned Italian heritage of classical architecture, painting and sculpture, which have made over the centuries and still make Italy a great source of inspiration and beauty highly admired around the world.

The three artists share the same bound of devotion to the photographic medium and to the sublime Greco-Roman art as a subject of personal interest.

However, what visually links their compositions is their aptness at highlighting and unveiling certain key elements of specific masterpieces of the ancient times, so as to reveal an intrinsic meaning that would have otherwise eluded comprehension at a first glance. Their common sense of composition, better known in the world of photography as “focus”, reflects the intrinsic abilities to simultaneously archive and innovate.

“The artists’ approach embodies the great contribution of contemporary photography to “cultural diplomacy”: it certainly captures moments but also helps defining the past, building the present and shaping our vision for the future.

The photography is a powerful tool to share cultural heritage as well as stimulate people’s feelings and views. In this regard Italy and Qatar has the same vision.

Both our countries are committed to preserve, promote and make their respective cultural heritage as much accessible as possible in order to encourage the inclusive development and dialogue between communities and generations, as it is also highlighted in the Qatar National Vision 2030,” added Salzano.

What differeciate the work of Roller, Borghese and Ajossa, are their artistic subjects, respectively sculpture, architecture and painting.

Roller investigates the anatomic details of Classical Roman statues in order to reveal the most intimate and human aspects of power, while Borghese concentrates on the wondrous perspective and the divine proportions of the monumental architecture of ancient Rome, and Ajossa re-examines fragments of Italian Renaissance paintings, mirroring them in the soft undulations of the sea to amplify and highlight their chromatic allure.

Central to the three artists’ work is the mythic world - seemingly fleeting — of ages long gone such as the Ancient Greek and Roman periods, which so deeply marked and continue to mark the Western civilization.

“I am particularly proud that the increasing people-to-people contacts achieved through art and the more intense cultural exchanges have largely contributed to strengthen the bonds of friendship between Italy and Qatar.

A Focus on Italian Heritage Exhibition falls within this broader context of fruitful cooperation and dialogue where I believe our ambitions, expectations and ideas can have no boundaries,” concludes Salzano.

The exhibition will be open to the public until January 30 at Katara Building 19 Gallery 1.