How we boost your Clevenard Ads

Clevenard helps businesses around the world to get relevant traffic.

AI-based optimization for Google, Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft, Shopify, Bing and much more increases your results and make you spend less.

Google Search Campaigns

Clevenard helps you create ads that will appear on Google Search. Keywords and ads will be generated for you, so that you can focus on your business.

Sync campaigns with Bing

Every day, Clevenard will mirror the changes that occured in your Google Ads campaigns to Bing Ads, so you never have to manage your Bing search campaigns again.

Google Shopping ads

If you are a Clevenard user, Clevenard will detect the products that are present in your webshop and advertise them in Google shopping results.

How can Clevenard help your business?

Keyword Research

Clevenard analyses websites, extract relevant keywords and extrapolates to other synonyms in order to generate thousands of relevant keywords combinations.

We make sure to cover all high-potential long-tail keywords for any business. Smart keyword research and generation prevent our users from wasting money.

Campaign Creation

Thanks to our advanced algorithms (NLP), Clevenard is able to automate the creation of Google search campaigns following Google best practices at scale.

All keyword combinations come together with tailored ads in order to maximize the ROI. Clevenard creates advanced campaigns in order to give the best results for a given budget.


Clevenard optimizes campaigns even before going live through advanced keyword research and best-in-class campaigns creation.

Once the campaigns are launched, Clevenard learns from each click and constantly improves bids, keywords and other parameters to improve results.


Follow your campaign performance at any time on your dashboard, while our AI keeps on improving it for you.

Our system will inform you on which optimizations were performed. Track the number of impressions, visitors, conversions, and get in-depth insights about your audience.

Easy as 123...

Google Ads can be time-consuming, but not with us. We created a fully automated tool for businesses willing to get more visitors.

Answer a few questions and be ready to appear on Google when people are looking for your services or products.

Customized Ads..

Our machine learning algorithms will constantly improve your keywords and ads, in order to offer you the best results for a smaller budget.

Your clients will see quality ads that are directly related to the keyword they wrote in Google Search.

Stop wasting money.

No more need for expensive agencies or marketing consultants to make advanced ad structures for your search campaigns.

Clevenard exceeds human limitations and creates unbeatable ads from the start and for no money. You only pay Google for customers you receive.

Support to help you grow

After optimizing thousands of accounts for the past 10 years, we decided to bring all our knowledge into one simple tool.

Imagine a tool that can grow your customer base by displaying the right ads to the right audience.