One-to-One-Calling & Group Calling
Clevenard Voice Calls can scale from 1-to-1 calls to as many participants as required ensuring you can handle all the customer-cases your customers need.

One-to-One Video Calls

Dramatically increase customer engagement with Clevenard Video calling by delivering high quality, low-latency one-to-one video call capabilities directly to your customers.

Group Chat Video Calling

Group chat calls scales to include up to 17 participants – ensuring that you can handle all the customer-cases your customers will ever need.

List of features awaiting you

Voice & Video Chat
Clevenard users can use voice or video chat Clevenard.

Send Files

Clevenard users can send and receive files and images while chatting.

Word Censoring

Automatically block words that you don't want people to use.

Report Users
users can flag a conversation for an admin or mod to review.

Block Users
Clevenard users can instantly block anyone.

Users can send short moving images with Giphy.

Smart History
As a user scrolls up in a conversation, history is automatically loaded.

YouTube Embeds
YouTube links automatically turn into a playable video in a message.

Full support for an emoji keyboard to make expressing yourself easy.

Video Chat

Users can video chat with each other on a desktop and a mobile device.

Use chat rooms to chat with groups of users.