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Yes you heard.Maggot farming is real and it's big business. Maggots are fed organic waste materials.The maggotsbig are processed, dried and milled into animal feeds.This reduces the cost of animal feeds drastically.For more check here: Maggot business
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*DI BANKYE AMPESI?Testimony From A Cancer Survivor, Mr. Halim, 6th of January 2018*This was my own experience, recovering from cancer by consuming cassava (topioca or ubi kayu). Hopefully my experience would benefit many people.I had stage 2 bladder cancer. After seven years suffering from cancer in the ureth…
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Muslim man locks Christian wife out of house, she finds key in fish’s bellyBy Mark EllisJuly 6, 2018 Godreports.comAfter a West African woman began to follow Jesus, her Muslim husband often beat her because of her newfound faith. Steadfastly, she maintained her quiet witness as she served him, all the while p…
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I’ve read pro and anti-Buhari articles in symbolical narrative but none quite like this sex allegory. Wonderful!By Yusuf MohammedWhen a man gets older and crosses age 70, his sense organs begin to wane and malfunction. The brain articulates slower. It is normal to hear old men complain of ear, eye and joint p…
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https://youtu.be/chjNqX0CXeE This is sickening!People are getting fed up with these rogues continually demanding money. How? Petitioning the government abroad to prevent these charlatan's rogue methods. Many of these preachers have fallen and not aware of it or they are deluded.TAKE ACTION HERE! https://…
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The Woman Worker By: Deji Yesufu During the week I was at a radio station here in Ibadan to speak on my book “Victor Banjo.” The interview quite naturally digressed into national matters and I was asked if there was a single solution to the myriads of troubles plaguing Nigeria. In response I explained that th…
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World Cup Takeaway: So, the Russian 2018 Soccer fiesta is over, but there is so much to learn from the show. One of the greatest takeaway from the Mundial is the Croatian President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic. For the first time in that Nation's history, She ended as the runner-up (a feat the entire Contine…