Women, shipped in from Nigeria and Senegal, are reported to be preying on drunk tourists with promise of sex. Many of them are owned by people trafficker gang masters who have moved them to Magaluf ( a resort town on the Spanish island of Majorca) where they must work to pay off their debt. The women – who patrol the Magaluf strip – lure drunk men offering sex only to then rob them, the locals say.

The gang masters also work as pickpockets as footage has emerged of them stealing from two British tourists on Sunday morning.

According to DailyMail, the traffickers like thieves pose as street traders – known as ‘looky looky’ men – who wander the streets hawking goods like sunglasses or novelty hats. The men also target either lone or drunk tourists walking back to their hotels in the early hours along the strip.

A British bar owner, from London, who asked not to be named said: ‘The pickpockets and prostitutes are part of the same gang who hang around outside the bars in the early hours picking off stragglers. ‘The women pretend to be prostitutes and throw their arms around these young lads, clearly worse the wear for drink, and when they’re distracted they pickpocket them.

‘The men pretend to be ‘looky looky’ sellers and operate in the same way, distracting their victims and then rifling through their pockets. ‘I’ve been here for years so I know who the genuine ‘looky looky’ men and they are decent hard-working individuals who are trying to earn a bit of cash.

‘The bogus ones, like the two in that video, take advantage of the fact that most tourists happily interact with the street-sellers and are not at all wary of them.

‘The police don’t seem to do anything about it so it’s got to the point where bar owners won’t bother sending them CCTV footage anymore. ‘Last year there was a guy who threatened a bar worker with a knife and it was all caught on camera.

‘The images were shown to the police along with a photograph of the knifeman but the officers said there was nothing they could do as he hadn’t injured anyone. That is why we’ve taken things into our own hands.’

Gangs of African prostitutes, as many as 50-strong, have been plaguing Magaluf for the last 15 years.

Victims are reportedly lured into dimly areas away from the bars and restaurants and then ambushed by either men or groups of other women and robbed.