1. PMB has failed but TSA institution can't hike their school fees.

2. Buhari has failed but local rice farmers are becoming millionaires and Thailand is crying.

3. Buhari has failed yet there is a boast in agricultural sectors generally.

4. Buhari has failed but local manufacturers are growing by the day.

5. Buhari has failed yet 2nd Niger bridge is now coming up after 16 years of promising and campaigning on it.

6. Buhari has failed but USA president backed him up with faith and physically to route the thieves that looted our common wealth.

7. Buhari is a failure but currency swap deal between China and Nigeria went through..

8. Buhari has failed but whistle blowing policy yielded more revenue than loot recovery by EFCC.

9. Buhari has failed but jamb remittance to federal account for 2017 was unprecedented in the annals of Jamb history.

10. Buhari is bad yet no one has tagged stealing to his name.

11. Buhari is bad yet we are yet to see another presidential candidates.

12. Buhari has failed woefully but fertilizer producers are exporting not importing.

13. Buhari has failed but inmates are celebrating new homes that was build for their comfortability.

14. Buhari has failed but rice and other food items importation has considerably reduced

15. Buhari is a failure yet many Nigerians cannot step their foot in Nigeria for fear of prosecution.

16. Buhari is a failure but 200,000 youths get #30,000 monthly as social investment .
Another 300,000 youths are waiting for budget to start enjoy same.

17. Buhari has failed but he has the political will,effrontery,audacity and bravery to implement TSA which has blocked public revenue leakage.

18. Buhari has failed but beneficiaries of social intervention is increasing.

19. Buhari has failed but the money you usually mapped out for fueling and buying of gas has reduced.

20. Buhari has failed yet presidential candidates are becoming a scarce commodity.

21. Buhari failed yet international travelers are saved from all manners of extortion that usually brings disgrace to our nation.

22. Buhari has failed yet those that steal our money are suddenly fallen sick claiming one form of of sickness to another.

23. Buhari has failed, yet we have over 4,000 corruption related cases pending in courts.

24. Buhari has failed, yet corrupt politicians are being denied access to US.

25. Buhari has failed yet a SAN bagged a jail term.

26. Buhari has failed ,a sitting senator is afraid to visit his town thereby jumping out of a moving vehicle.

27. Buhari has failed but Loko Oweto bridge is built and Motorable.

28. Buhari has failed yet BH are no more acquiring territories.

29. Buhari has failed but your club and relaxation spots in Abuja bubbles all the time without fearing that there might be an explosion of bombs by BH.

30. Buhari has failed but figures on export trade keeps increasing.

31. Buhari has not achieved anything but big thieves are afraid to show their stolen money in the public.

32. Buhari has failed but all our major expressway across the nation are wearing a jersey look.

33. Buhari has failed indeed in the eyes of the thieves and their offsprings.

34. He failed woefully yet, rails are been built across states,

35. He failed but have bailout to the 36 state to clear outstanding workers salaries

36. He failed but yet we can sleep with our two eyes closed.

37. Am not a politician but I believe in future.

TRUTH BE TOLD, IT IS THE LOOTERS THAT FAILED...............................