UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn “is an anti-Semite who wants to return Britain to dark periods in history”, Israel’s ambassador to the U.N. said. Danny Danon told an event in the House of Lords of his discomfort at Mr. Corbyn’s leadership of the left-wing Labour party and the continued allegations of anti-Semitism staining the party he leads.he said “in his actions and statements, [Jeremy] Corbyn gives oxygen to incidents of racism by embracing his terrorist friends and encouraging the activities of BDS. Israel stands by the Jewish community in England.

Mr. Danon added that the Labour leader “is an anti-Semite who wants to return Britain to dark periods in history”. He was speaking at an event hosted by Lord Haskel, a Labour peer.The charges of anti-Semitism against Mr. Corbyn have been continually aired for the past 12 months Just last week UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove used his Conservative Party conference speech to say Labour under Mr. Corbyn had become “a toxic cocktail of unrepentant Marxism-Leninism and unacceptable antisemitism.” He also let loose on Labour’s anti-Semities:They are giving all the errors of the 20th century another chance to wreck our society. We’ve seen how this story ends before: in misery and shame. When our Jewish friends and neighbours live in fear for their futures, let us stand with them against prejudice, against intimidation, against bigotry and against hate. For his part, Mr. Corbyn has remained steadfast in his refusal to apologise.

The 69-year-old declined to“look at the camera and apologise” to Jewish people who wanted to hear “personal remorse” from him.Mr. Corbyn replied: “I’ll simply say this – I am an anti-racist and will die an anti-racist. Anti-Semitism is a scourge in any society. I will oppose it all my life and I will continue to oppose it all my life.

Mr. Corbyn has previously welcomed “friends” from Hezbollah and Hamas – Islamist terror groups sworn to the destruction of Israel – into parliament and recently admitted attending conferences with Hamas members and a wreath laying at the grave of an anti-Semitic terrorist.Footage has also surfaced of him comparing the state of Israel to Nazi Germany – a commonly recognised example of anti-Semitism.