Is Facebook set to follow Myspace fate?

Some would remember or might not know Myspace.This article explains why Facebook may or may not fall into same fate:Fate of Facebook

Free University Education in Nigeria

Chancellor, Landmark University, Dr David Oyedepo removes Tuition For Agricultural Sciences In Landmark University. Leke Beecroft Dr Oyedepo has introduced an added incentive to students who desire to study agriculture or agriculture related courses in the university which was established in 2011. This is also to encourage students pick interest in agriculture in a bid by the institution to take Nigerians back to agriculture and to ensure that the nation feeds herself. Henceforth Courses Includi…

Human Rights Online

Voice of the people and Brekette Trading Portal Administrative Injustice & Discrimination & Human Right Abuse & Pension Matters & Sexual Harassment & Unlawful Dismissal

True judge

True justice

7 ways to go from ordinary to extraordinary

7 Ways to Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary Paul Oluyombo.(WONDERFUL BIBLE PRAYER MINISTRIES) 08023036510 08051051234 What does living an extraordinary life really look like? Well, in order to see the “extra,” let’s look at an ordinary life first. When I say ordinary, I mean you’re in a job you don’t particularly love, you’re plodding along day to day, and you’re just kind of existing. An extraordinary life, on the other hand, is one you design. You live a life that you want to live, a life that…

Modernising Shea butter production

Shea technology