Clevenard NoteBook + Social Network has unique model which combines organizing, arts and cultural work, and strategic communication to address, protect and advocate for improvements to the quality of life for the most disenfranchised and vulnerable members of our society. We carry out our mission through a theory of social change that organizes and unites inter-community voices with those directly affected, including persons who are low-income, historically-underrepresented, and immigrant to oppose and improve the conditions of harsh and inhumane enforcement (incarceration , detention and deportations) and other mistreatment based on status.

Clevenard NoteBook + Social Network objective is to win the heart of all immigrants because at the end of the day we are all migrants.
Clevenard NoteBook + Social Network is working to achieve an equitable, inclusive and healthy society, culture, and economy where the most vulnerable, disenfranchised and marginalized have equal opportunities and access to the resources and tools needed to achieve a dignified quality of life.

Our objective

Clevenard NoteBook + Social Network stand for Justice and Equality
We believe that justice and equality means fair treatment of every person, especially those who are marginalized by social systems that prevent people from meeting their basic needs. We are looking to work to achieve equitable access to human needs and support opportunities to thrive.

Clevenard NoteBook + Social Network Embrace Inclusivity
Our goal is simple to create a truly multi-faith, multi-racial, multi-cultural, and inter-generational movement. We honor the diversity of traditions in our communities, and we are committed to building bridges and creating common ground with all people who practice mutual respect and share a vision of a just world.

Clevenard NoteBook + Social Network Honor Holistic Approaches to Well-being
We value the whole person and strive for balance and wellbeing in ourselves and others. We promote the harmonious inter-connectivity of the human community and support the well being of each person within the larger eco-system of humanity.

Clevenard NoteBook + Social Network Cherish Peacebuilding Traditions
We are an intentionally, inter-religious faith-rooted social network community, guided by our diverse faith traditions to live peacefully, respectfully, nonviolently and lovingly with every human person, and in right relationship with nature.

At Clevenard NoteBook + social network we uphold the dignity and sanity of every human person
We follow multiple faith tenets that honor human life as sacred, to be protected from harm, and nurtured to achieve our highest human potential.

Our unique contributions to supporting community-led change are:
We strive to break down barriers and build up deep relationships and new understanding between immigrant /new arrivals/governments and indigenous citizens through accompaniment, education, cultural immersion, and arts and cultural work.

We work to shift narratives and to change hears and minds through strategic communication, public witness, liturgies/ We do this by humanizing immigrant stories and bringing our voices particularly to sectors where they are insufficient or absent, by consistently lifting up root causes and racial equity, and by cultivating “unusual/unlikely” messengers” such as supporting the immigrant rights movement and corporation leaders advocating racial, social, and economic justice.

We build economic, racial and social justice networks by forming partnerships with communities and collaborating with enlightened secular individuals and organizations to build power and make valuable contributions to wider change.

We believe social change must be rooted in the tenets of texts and traditions that respect the integrity of every human person as sacred with the right to thrive and live in strong and healthy communities.

Clevenard NoteBook+ Social Network has a unique model which combines organizing, arts and cultural work, and strategic campaigns to help take down the barriers between neighbors, to connect immigrant to a global perspective on human rights. We mobilize communities for concrete social change campaigns, including immigrant rights and integration, economic justice, health care/community wellness and leadership formation.

We organize, convene and lead truly campaigns, actions, and events
• We fill important gaps within key issue work. For example, within the immigration context, we have been more nimble than other social network; we bring the voices, we have identified important gaps that no other social network are addressing such as the need for migrant “hospitality housing” and deep work with unaccompanied minors. We not only work toward just policy changes but also we offer direct help on our social network
• We strive to be intentionally inter-generational and deeply engage youth
• We are flexible and often can respond more quickly than larger organizations
• We strive to be intentionally a “bridge” between immigrant and nonimmigrant communities and among immigrant communities. We advocate together and not just for others. Our method is “accompaniment”
• We are very collaborative. We intentionally seek to work in collaboration with others
• We both convene and join and support movement building
• We work to build and strengthen community as well as leadership. We “give voice”
• We strive to engage in courageous conversations, find common ground and remain open to different opinions when coming from a place of respect and common/shared values
• We seek to and do work with the most disenfranchised and struggling people/communities
• We incorporate health & wellness (personal & community-wide) as a source of empowerment
• We are intentional in incorporating arts, culture and popular education in all aspects of our work.

Our Approach
Clevenard NoteBook+ Social Network uses four approaches to address the root causes of migration and economic inequality. Through community organizing: civic engagement and public witness, we build confidence and power among people who have been rendered voiceless and disenfranchised from the political process.

Through leadership development, we incorporate popular education, arts and culture, and healthy practices to support and strengthen leadership formation and capacity building among the most disenfranchised as well as inter-community allies.

Through strategic communication, we lift up the authentic voices of those left at the margins and seek to open hearts and minds toward solution that afford all person the tools and equal opportunities to live full and healthy lives. And through coalition building, we increase our collective impact to achieve transformative social change.
Clevenard NoteBook+ Social Network is always looking for volunteers all over the world to help our social network to continue the work we are doing.

We would love to have you volunteer your time with us. Check out our volunteer wish list and let us know if you have any of the mentioned skills below by simply emailing

Volunteer wish list:
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If you are interested in participating in our mission or for more information on actions in your area please reach out to us by Email